Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Boneshaker Racing

Because Wednesdays are all about bone shaking and we approve of knobblies on chops. Bike by Benny Thomas of Boneshaker Choppers. BP


Sideburn Magazine said...

I have some forks and yokes like the ones in this chop for sale, £200 - from a GSX-R1000K1. Pretty good condition, but some scratches. If you're interested let me know and I'll post details. The brakes are ten a penny, but I don't have them.
By the way, love the hippies sign. GI

Anonymous said...

hippies sign is real funny. man, this bike is hot. not really into choppers, but I can make an exception. great blog as well. it has become a daily read!
- jeremy bandit

fatmencantfly said...

this is very purrrrty

stevie coles said...

lovely bike, great for teaching urself how to cope with front end slides!.

MRPK said...

Haha - thats my bike known as Oddjob. its still going strong but only in the summer months. Shes a bit of a nightmare in the wet....surprise surprise.

Sideburn Magazine said...

it is your duty to race Oddjob at Dirt Quake III on July 19th!

MRPK said...

Haha - what on gods good earth is DirtQuake111 on the July the 19th - tell me more. Sounds like some kinda off road race. Trouble is - if i go over a pebble on the road she bottoms out!

Sideburn Magazine said...

look up at the poster on the right side of this page (second down from the top).

Dirt Quake is dedicated to bottoming out choppers 'racing' on a speedway oval.

check out the videos on Vimeo: