Monday, 15 September 2014

The World's Most Hated Motorcycle

Impostor from El Solitario on Vimeo.

Saw El Solitario's Imposter in the flesh for the first time at Glemseck and, among the cookie-cutter airhead BMWs that half-filled the event, it stood out like a turd on a wedding cake. In a good way. Which was the whole point of it (I think).

BMW's head of motorrad design, Ola Stenegard was riding around on it with a shit-eating grin on his face, so he must like it.

Intrigued by El Solitario? Want to read more? We've featured three of their bikes"

SB16 (Cover bike) Petardo the Ducati
SB14 Gonzo the BMW boxer twin
SB12 Chupito the Ducati single (sold out - we're trying to find a box of them, Raiders of the Lost Ark-style.) G

Zaeta x Ornamental Conifer at Pitch drop

Italian street tracker manufacturer, Zaeta had Ornamental Conifer paint one of their gorgeous 530 DTs. They showed the stunning bike for the first time at men's clothing shop, Pitch drop in the small town of Piove di Sacco.
Looks like they had a good turn-out.
Raffaele Paolucci was there and took these photos.
Dirt Quake hero, Simone, turned up on the Gilera he raced at DQII and DQIII. After this year's DQ he and his girlfriend went on a month-long tour of Europe on this single.
Zaeta's founder, Paolo C. 
Read why he started his own, fully EU homologated, motorcycle company in Sideburn 11
See the Maxwell Paternoster Zaeta in Sideburn 17.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

DTRA Decider - Next Sunday

Don't forget the final round of the 2014 DTRA series is NEXT SUNDAY, Rye House in Hertfordshire.
RACERS - Entries close TODAY.

SPECTATORS - Why go along?
  • The National Championship will be decided in a breathless 12-lap final. The favourite (in my opinion) Tom Neave, is going to be champion for the first time if he can pull it off, but it's going to be a nail-biter.
  • The pits are open so you can get close to the bikes and riders.
  • The Vintage class is going from strength to strength with everything from firebreathing framers to road legal Triumph twins with the lights taken off.
  • There will be about 24 Thunderbike framers to salivate over.
  • Sideburn will be there selling the new issue, T-shirts and stuff.
  • Racing starts about 12 and it's all over by 5pm.
  • It's free to spectate.
Rye House Stadium, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0EH

UPDATE: Marshals and helpers required please. You need to be there for 10.30-ish if you can help.


The Here Gallery is now stocked with SB#18 - apologies to a couple of people who had already been by ahead of me to pick up the latest issue.
I always revert to kid in a sweets shop syndrome when there. This time I picked up Biografikation, published by Nobrow Press. A German collective of the illustrators Ana Albero, Till Hafenbrak and Paul Paetzel.
Abba receive a visitation from a genie wizard, Eddie Murphy makes a female alter-ego in his science laboratory, man-eating pizza and other such skewed scenarios. I thought my kids would like it but it does contain adult themes and language. BP

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Motorcycle Film Festival

A press release...

After a successful first year, the 2nd Annual Motorcycle Film Festival will be held on September 24–27, 2014 at The Gutter (200 North 14th Street, Williamsburg) in Brooklyn, New York. The festival will feature official screenings of short- and feature-length documentaries and narratives alongside more experimental films. Other events include screenings of classic films, filmmaker talks, an art exhibition, bands, bowling, and more! On the final day, a distinguished panel of judges comprising filmmakers, writers, custom builders, and esteemed motorcycle enthusiasts will select winners from each film category. A full list of films, filmmakers, and schedules can be found at Motorcycle Film Festival tickets

 Returning judges include Paul D’Orleans a.k.a. The Vintagent, JP of The Selvedge Yard, Stacie London of Triple Nickel 555 and East Side Moto Babes. We’re just as thrilled to welcome our new judges for this year: Paul Cox (Paul Cox Industries), Ultan Guilfoyle (Guggenheim Museum’s Art of the Motorcycle), Shinya Kimura (Chabott Engineering), Chris Logsdon (Godspeed Co.), Amos Poe (filmmaker/artist), Hayden Roberts (Hell On Wheels MC), Roland Sands (Roland Sands Design), Peter Starr (film accolades…Take it to the Limit) and last year’s ‘Best of Festival’ winner Eric Ristau (Best Bar In America). 

And this from our mate, ace sketcher, Martin Squires    

Also as I'm sure you've seen I've got a short film at this years Motorcycle Film Festival. I'm going to be going out to NYC for a week sketching at a couple of workshops including Hugh Mackie's and Paul Cox's places, before the festival. I'm hoping it will be a productive trip. Attached is a copy of my poster for my film (in case you feel the need to post it up on the blog) which is going to be shown at 5 on the Friday. I will keep you up to date with it all.
Below is Martin's panoramic sketch of the Dirt Quake III pit sheds.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Le Sélecteur

We have a new stockist - Le Sélecteur in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
The shop opened yesterday and they sell Poler, Carhartt, Iron&Resin, Fuel, Naked&Famous, Redwing, Bell helmets, 100% Barstow, Stance socks, Sideburn magazine...
Bon chance, mes amis!

If you want to stock Sideburn in your shop or cafe or martial arts centre, please email us at dirt @ - we'll do you a super-duper rate. G

Margate Scooter Rally 1989

My very old mate, Col sent me this photo and the message.

I'm really enjoying the mags, I look on the blog most days.... it would be real good to catch up on the phone at some point...
The latest pic of you and Guy Martin is cool, but not as cool as this one of me and you 25 years ago this month on Margate seafront... Quarter of a century ago can you believe???? 

Do you still have the hat with flames on it..?? I've just resubscribed. I'm only missing the first two issues for the full set keep up the top work fella, 
all the best, 

I'm the one with the long hair. Col is wearing my Life's A Beach beret. I was very much into all the grebo bands - Gaye Bykers On Acid (below), Crazyhead, Wonder Stuff - at that time.
I never looked much like a scooterboy and I was a couple of years away from buying a CBR600.

There's a lot of instagram chatter (too dumb to be hating) about men, scooters and wind in vaginas - well, I started out on scooters, and I own a Lambretta that I'm as attached to as the day I got it over 20-odd years ago. The years I spent riding around Britain and Europe, trips further than most people tour on their 1000cc bikes, made me what I am.

My old mate, Col from Scarborough (in the photo above) and I used to meet up in Leeds at some ungodly hour on a Friday morning (he would have already been on the road for 1.5 hours), then ride to a rundown seaside town as much as 300 miles away. After camping on wasteground for two nights, we'd turn around and crawl home at 58mph after two nights on the lash. We'd do it eight or more times a year. Col still goes now, having never stopped.

A proportion of the 3-5000 scooterboys who went on rallies in the 1980s were thugs, split 60/40 right-wing, left-wing. The Calverton Hornets would fight the London nazi skins if they came across them. The Cardiff Cougars SC were made up of the city's football hooligans. There was another whole club of cro-magnon-looking scooterboys who all had their heads shaved into short mohawks like the 2000AD character Rogue Trooper (who gave their scooter club its name). I'd like to see some of the instagram warriors tell these lads they only rode Vespas because they liked wind in their lady parts.

Where the top photo was taken is/was a pub that got smoke bombed that night, while we were drinking in it, but I never find out exactly why. 1980s scooter rallies weren't Wheels and Waves, that for damn sure.

Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane, Col. G

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Buell EBR Demo Day

This Saturday 13th, Krazy Horse are have a demo day 10am-4pm, for the large kahuna'd EBR Buell.

Daytona short Track 1971

Sent to us by regular contributor Alastair McQ. Check out British speedway rider Barry Briggs' riding style and how he has his bars set in the contemporary speedway style, so different to the dirt trackers. Kenny Roberts makes an appearance, still with his District 38 number - 80Y. Notice how unforgiving the outer wall looks too.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Glemseck snaps

What with the chunnel and roadworks it was a 14 hour schlep from home to the Glemseck cafe racer sprint - but worth it. Trying to digest a very phallic Brätwurst washed down with a 1litre tankard of beer at 10am is quite daunting but we had fun.
Gary's Black Arrow was hot to trot.
- or if post-industrial GSX-R is not to your taste how about rear-as-front 16" white-wall tyres and drum brakes?
Seb's BM was sporting some new bling - including nitrous, and a new paint job.
Guy Martin: "SIDEBURN, the bloody best motorbike magazine on the planet....And not just because I'm on the cover"
Nutty Target 320, based on a KTM 690.
Nick's fugly but purposeful Honda Magna mongrel.
Frank Chatokhine's Triumph with lovely mesh fly-screen.
Kraftstoffschmiede R90S
BMW Roadster concept with impressive machined aluminium tail piece
Germans do like Trannies, this Feuerwehr was a minter. BP